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Organic certified NATURAL COCOA BUTTER (food grade)

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This ivory colored Cocoa Butter is naturally rich in antioxidants and contains vitamin E. It is known for its moisturizing abilities. Because the good ratio of unsaponifiable matter it increases the elasticity of the skin.

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Product Description

This Cocoa Butter is a cream-colored fat extracted from cocoa beans from Ghana and Ivory Coast. Besides in chocolate it is used in cosmetics as an ingredient for soaps and a multitude of lotions and creams (body butters, shower gels, lip balms, lip sticks, etc.). It is often used due to its natural emollient properties and bringing stiffness to the end product.

Cocoa butter has good oxidative stability and has a good ratio of unsaponifiable matter and vitamin E, so when applied to skin it enhances skin elasticity. The butters melting point (close to the human body temperature) allows this ingredient to be a super emollient. The melt point is ranging from 31˚C-35˚C, so Cocoa Butter is a stiff solid at room temperature.

Additional Information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 38 x 28 x 28 cm


This product is for cosmetic use.

Free Fatty Acids (as Oleic Acid)
Moisture Content (Karl Fisher)
Iodine Value (Wijs Method)
Blue Value
Unsaponifiable Matter
Saponification Value
Extinction after Alkali Wash (at 270 nm)
Refractive Index (Expressed as ND40)
Specific Weight (at 35 °C)
Melting Behaviour (Slip Point)
Total Aerobic Plate Count
Lipase Activity
Protease Activity

Solid (ambient), Liquid (>35°C)
Yellowish, opaque (solid), clear (liquid)
Typical, no off flavours
Typical, no off flavours
0,5 – 1,75 % (IUPAC 2.201)
0,1% (IOCCC 26, 1988)
33 – 42 g I2/100g (IUPAC 2.205)
0,05 (IOCCC 29, 1988)
0,35% (IOCCC 23, 1988)
188 – 198 mg KOH/g Fat (IUPAC 2.202)
0,14 E (IOCCC 19, 1973)
1,456 – 1,459 (IUPAC 2102)
0,889 kg/m³ (NEN 6311:1993)
30 – 34 °C (IOCCC 4, 1962)
1000 CFU/g (IOCCC 39, 1990 no. 2)
50 CFU/g (IOCCC 39, 1990 no. 7)
50 CFU/g (IOCCC 39, 1990 no. 7)
Absent /g (IOCCC 39, 1990 no. 5)
Absent /g (IOCCC 39, 1990 no. 4)
Absent /100g (IOCCC 39, 1990 no. 8)